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Logic Problems

Exercise your mind with three different styles of challenging problems.  The puzzles vary from mathematical deduction, to spatial acuity, to lateral thinking. They promise to expand your mind!

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Logic Problems come in a variety of forms, and have been fascinating mankind for countless centuries.  The three basic forms include classic logic problems, visual logic puzzles, and the newest and most difficult of the triad, lateral thinking.

The first two types require deductive reasoning and the application of multi-dimensional logic principles.  Lateral thinking, on the contrary, requires "sideways" thinking in order to solve these tests of your creativity.  Each type will be found on the following pages, separated into their respective sections outlined below.  For a real challenge, check out the bonus section!

As it would be unfair to provoke the mind with these problems without providing the answers, all solutions are given (except in the bonus section).  In addition, two levels of hints are available for the lateral problems.  The temptation to cheat will be great, as the answers are only a mouse click away.  However, the solutions are intended for confirmation, not to settle curiosity.  Rest assured, there are very logical and reasonable solutions to every problem herein, and the process of solving them on your own is the essence!  Enjoy!

So, let's get started. Choose one of the categories below:

Classic Logic Problems
These Classic Logic Problems are the easiest of the three types, and can be thought of as building blocks to some of the more difficult exercises.  The use of simple math and logical deduction will provide the key to these clever problems.  The solutions are provided, however, try only to use them to confirm your answers.
Visual Logic Puzzles
The Visual Logic Puzzles included in this section are accompanied by original artwork that are the basis of the puzzles.  Various household items and a pencil and paper may be necessary to solve these tricky spatial puzzles.  Some will require traditional logic, while others require "lateral thinking" (thinking outside of the box).  Again, the solutions are provided to confirm your brilliance.
Lateral Thinking
Lateral Thinking requires the most abstract thought, and can be quite complex.  Though the problems presented herein are relatively short in length, their solutions will take careful thought and the ability to see past the literal meaning of words and concepts. 

"Lateral thinking" is different from traditional linear thinking (where we progress sequentially from one step to the next).  Thinking laterally requires the abandonment of ordinary reasoning, thereby eliminating inhibitions.  In other words, rather than making assumptions to decipher explanations, think abstractly to reveal alternate (and the actual) solutions!

In addition to the provided answers, you will find two levels of hints available to point you in the correct direction.  Enjoy!
Bonus Section!
How logical are you?  If you can figure out the answer to this question, you will earn access to the bonus section of this site!  Just click "Let me in!" below, enter the first word of the puzzle (lowercase) for the user name, and the solution to this puzzle as the password (entering digits only).  Go ahead -- Expand Your Mind!

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